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Health Care Evolution micron 10-6th, nano 10-9th, pico 10-12th, last technology femto 10-15th electron particles.
FemtoCare Femtotechnology 10-15th Utility below for International Health Care FemtoCare is not the USA!
The FemtoCare is Family of hundreds Health Care Cures for International based on a single electrical atom!
No More Chemicals, Biologicals, Molecules, Nanotechnology, just 1 electrical atom!
Phase 1 September 2020 trails have started on over 900 volunteers on Skin, Pulmonary, and Cuts & Wounds.
Phase 2 2022 trails will be more Phase 1 and internal uses lung cancers, etc.

Thomas Cardinal Wolsey 1471-1530 Said! “Be very, very careful what you put in that head, because you will never, ever get it out.
You might have lost the ability to "UNLEARN", "Critical Thought", "Questioning". "GROUP THINKING" Creates the biggest loss to mankind,
Beware of Science!

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